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How do I connect my wallet to Gods Unchained and Immutable X?


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  • Alex Sandoval

    Hi, Im Alex, from chile.

    I have an issue trying to connect my wallet to immutable X, I follow all the steps but just after i sign on my wallet, it closes and gives me the error

    "WALLET COULD NOT BE LINKED [object Object]"

    The wallet is only conected to my main and only gods unchained account (I just installed all today).

    The wallet manager of G.U. has the exact same addres as my wallet, althought i think that the problem must be that the first time i conected my wallet, it has the BNB smart chain, and not the ETH main net; Right after I conected it I changed for the ETH main net. (Can be it? If so, how can i solved it?)

    Please help me, i really want to play and earn.
    Keep up the good work!! Thanks a lot!!


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